This is my morning devotion group. They loved getting their pic taken. Thought they would be famous! They truly will be if they choose Jesus and have their name written in the Lamb's book of life.


tuvalu update


On July 2nd at 6:40 a.m., Julian, a Fijian carpenter who I was privileged to teach a Bible Study to, was baptized in the Name above all Names, the Name of Jesus Christ, in Funafuti Lagoon. Pray with us that he will soon receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.




Beginning this Thursday, every morning at 8 a.m. I will be giving a devotional to workers at a renovation site here in Funafuti. Join me in prayer that these few minutes daily sowing the Word of God will reap a harvest of souls.

First Bible Study held in Tuvalu on Thursday, the 12th of June. A Fijian Carpenter - Julian, was our first Bible Study Student. As we were fellow-shipping after Bible Study, Julian asks about Sunday Service.

So now our Bible Studies have quickly expanded to Sunday Worship and Word and Thursday Bible Studies. Thanking the Lord for the hungry hearts. Keep on Praying...God is Working in Tuvalu!


prayer requests


  • For divine revelation of the truth of One God & Baptism in Jesus Name.
  • For favor with the Tuvaluan Government so we may be permitted to conduct Bible Studies & Church services without threat of fines or arrest.
  • For divine protection from enemies both seen and unseen and Victory over all!

We were blessed to step into this nation alongside Bro. & Sis. Bennie Blunt (Central Pacific Area Coordinator).

We are so thankful to be in unity of the Spirit with them for the cause of souls in this target nation in the Central Pacific Region.

PictureSis. Moore w/Talia & Salaneta
We have made many contacts and sown the seed of the Word as we go about our daily tasks. Every day it's: "Ok, Jesus, where do we go today? Who do we talk to? Order our steps".
One example of a divine appointment occurred when we sat by the road one day. A father & daughter passed by us on a motorbike. We exchanged smiles and hellos. They hadn't gone far when they turned back around. They stopped back by us, and the father, Talia, said he'd felt that he needed to stop and talk with us.

He received the Holy Ghost while in NZ, but has yet to receive divine revelation of One God and water baptism in Jesus Name. We talked quite a while with he and his daughter, Salaneta, and shared the Word of God with them. Please help us pray for Talia & Salaneta and their family to come to full knowledge of truth!

Fafetai lasi! (thank you very much) for giving so that we might share the light of the Gospel with those who are still in darkness.




We're getting settled in quite nicely. The Lord opened up an affordable flat for us to stay in. We have made several good contacts and got to meet a P.A.W. One God, Apostolic Pastor. I preached at his church last Thurs. night. A message entitled "This Glorious Message"(II Cor. 3). We had a wonderful time. Thank you all for your prayers...they're working! We'll keep in touch!

we arrivedĀ 


Talofa! ('Hello' in Tuvaluan)

We arrived in Funafuti, Tuvalu on Thursday, May the 1st. We were greeted by brilliant sunshine and a moderate temperature of  90 degrees....and this was at noonday! On this Thursday as is usual every Tuesday and Thursday, most of the population of this island come to watch the flight arrive from Suva, Fiji. It was wonderful seeing the faces of the people God has commissioned us to reach with the Gospel and it is certain that it didn't take long for it to be spread abroad that there is a Pelangi (White) couple in Tuvalu and much curiosity as to why we are here.

Within a few days of our arrival, with the Lord's divine provision, we were able to rent an apartment (called a flat) here in the Island. We have now settled in and are beginning to make friends with those we see both on the street and in the shops and neighborhoods. God is beginning to open doors in this nation, and we are excited about the wonderful things we see on the horizon.  We look forward to updating you on what God is doing in this island nation of Tuvalu.  Thank you for praying for us as we work for the Lord in Tuvalu.

In His Service,

Carter & Joanna Moore